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The application and service tools dedicated to the technical field of filkor wire processing and other special equipment, to provide pressure and tool
solutions to harness the full range of pressure field of electrical and electronic, electrical appliances, industrial automation and instrumentation industries.
The main products are: pneumatic crimping machine, electric terminal crimping machine, manual crimping pliers, stripping pliers, cable cutter, hydraulic tools …

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feierke FEK-5ND Pneumatic terminal crimping machine

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The spirit of "all the pursuit of high quality, customer satisfaction for the purpose of" the spirit of "the most preferential prices,
the most attentive service, the most reliable product quality," the principle of solemn commitment to you



Product quality commitment

    All products are manufactured and tested;

   On the performance of the product testing, we sincerely invite users to
       visit the whole process of the product, the full performance of the
       inspection, product is confirmed to be qualified and then shipped ;



Product price commitment

    In order to ensure the high reliability and advanced products, raw materials
       and components are selected domestic or international quality products ;

    In the same competitive conditions, our company in order to reduce the
       technical,performance of products, change the cost of product components
       on the basis of, in good faith with the most favorable price to you ;



Delivery commitment

    Product delivery time: as far as possible, according to user requirements,
       if there are special requirements, need to be completed ahead of schedule,
       we can organize production, installation, and strive to meet user requirements ;



Service commitment

    Service tenet: quick, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough ;

    Service objectives: quality of service to win customer satisfaction ;

    Service principle: product warranty period of twelve months, during the
       warranty period, the supplier will be free to repair and replacement of
       damaged parts quality as a reason, damage warranty parts, the parts costs
       only, by the factors causing the damage of equipment, the maintenance or
       provide accessories according to the cost cost price ;

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